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We are pleased you have found our site. We specialize in toy and small breed puppies. Please return to our website on a regular basis to view our current litters and upcoming puppies.  I have attempted to upload two photos of Morkie puppies that are currently available. Morkies are half Yorkshire Terrier and half Maltese. They are a popular hybrid but are not suitable for every household, or perhaps better said is that many households are not  suitable for Morkies. If you are absent for long periods of time, as many household the owners are all absent as many as 10 hours each day, I would not suggest a Morkie . Multiple small children can also cause too much stress for a young toy puppy such as a Morkie. Give a lot of consideration to the fact that the photo you see can need more attention and care than your lifestyle might be able to provide. Toy breed puppies are delicate but as adults  are typically sturdy and live up to 17 years of age. You must be available  to feed multiple times each day. The first month the puppy is in a new environment feeding can mean the difference between life and death for your toy breed puppy.

It is extremely important that they be fed three times each day: early in the morning,   between noon to 1:00 PM,  and between 6:00 Pm and 7:00 PM in the evening. Eating is social with mammals and when a young animal leaves the group they can lose interest in eating. This can cause a serious health concern called “hypoglycemia” . If a young toy puppy does not eat, the part of the brain that activates the response to eat can in a sense be shut off. This means that “hypoglycemia” in toy breeds is potentially fatal.  The lack of desire to eat is often caused by  stress such as leaving the group and entering a new environment, over stimulation such as playing too much in a household with many children, and being chilled in homes with the air-conditioning set at an extremely low temperature. The other way it can occur is through the puppy continuing to eat smaller and smaller amounts of food each meal, so it is also important to monitor the number of bowel movements and make a mental note of the volume the puppy is producing.  I always suggest that anyone interested in purchasing a Morkie, Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier  or any toy breed puppy do a Google search of “Hypoglycemia in Toy Breed Puppies”. While the condition is potentially fatal, it can be preventable in most instances if the new owner is armed with the correct information and the assistance of a breeder that is willing to help the new owner and the puppy  adapt to change in environment.

I hope any information provided on our blog can help you make the right decision in purchasing your next best friend. Thank you.

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