How old are the puppies when they can leave WOF?

  • We release most puppies between 9 – 12 weeks old.

How does the wait list work?

If you see a breed of puppies you like, that we don’t currently have, please submit the contact us form to be added to the wait list. We contact people in the order we received their inquiry. We do not have puppies of every breed all year long. Please be patient if you have a specific breed in mind. We will likely have that breed within a few months.

How long is the wait list for a puppy?

It truly depends on multiple factors – gender, breed, color and time frame. For example, our Shih Tzu wait list tends to be our longest, but that could change in 6 months.

If you’d like to speak with someone about where you stand on the wait list, please TEXT Sarah at

240-498-3291. She is here Wednesday – Friday, every week. 

Are the puppies up to date on everything?

Yes, our puppies are always up to date on vaccines, de worming and veterinary physical.

What does a puppy come home with?

The food they are on (Toy Iams Smart Puppy,) care and feeding packet, FREE 30 day pet health insurance and vaccination record.

How does the health guarantee work?

Your puppy needs to go to your veterinarian within 7 days and receive a physical examination. Once your puppy passes his or her physical, they have a 180 day health guarantee against any genetic or hereditary health issues or conditions. We follow Maryland State Law 1662.

Are the puppies house broken?

The puppies are used to going outside (depending on weather). They are very good about peeing and pooping outside when they enter your home. But, they are like toddlers and need work to complete the house breaking process. Be patient.

What forms of payment do we take?

We take cash or credit card with a 3% fee.

What supplies should be purchased for your new puppy?

A crate, play pen (if you are not home all the time,) puppy chew toys, water bowl, food bowl, pee pads (if you live in an apartment/condo,) collar or harness and leash.

What if we do not have a veterinarian?

We recommend finding a local veterinarian before visiting.

What breeds do we breed?

Shih Tzus, Shih Poos, Shih Chons, Shorkies, Yorkshire Terriers, Biewer Yorkshire Terriers, Yorkie Chons, Yorkie Poo’s, Bichon Poos, Mini Goldendoodles, Micro Mini Goldendoodles, French Bulldogs, Poodles