Goldendoodle Puppy

In recent years, Goldendoodles, like the ones sold by Windsor Oak Farm, have risen in popularity. People love how friendly they are and how great they are for families with kids. A Goldendoodle is created by breeding a Poodle with a Golden Retriever, and you’ll enjoy some of the best attributes from both of types of dogs when you bring one home. Goldendoodles are known to be intelligent, easy to train, energetic, and playful. They will need to get plenty of exercise every day, but you won’t mind watching them run around at all when you see how much fun they’re having.

Goldendoodle in Virginia

If you would like to welcome a Goldendoodle into your home, Windsor Oak Farm can help you do it. We’ve developed a breeding system for Goldendoodles that allows us to produce some of the happiest and healthiest Goldendoodles in the state. We breed our Goldendoodles to be either low or non-shedding and strive to deliver hypoallergenic puppies to our customers. Additionally, Windsor Oak Farm has established relationships with some of the best veterinarians in the area to ensure that we’re able to deliver Goldendoodles that are free from any major health issues and given all the right vaccinations.

Providing the Proper Care for a Goldendoodle in Virginia

You’ll love your Goldendoodle in Virginia from the time it walks through your front door. However, in order to keep your new puppy happy and healthy at all times, it’s important to care for them the right way. Check out some tips for providing the proper care for Goldendoodles in Northern Virginia below:

  • Purchase high-quality puppy food for your Goldendoodle and get into the habit of feeding them several small meals each day as opposed to one big one
  • Start socializing Goldendoodles as soon as you can since they can grow up to be shy and timid if you don’t
  • Make sure your Goldendoodle gets about 30 minutes of exercise per day
  • Find a safe place to keep your puppy when you’re not home since Goldendoodles often suffer from separation anxiety and can become destructive when they do
  • Use positive reinforcement when training a Goldendoodle since this is usually what they respond to best

Interested in finding out more about the Goldendoodles we have for sale in Northern Virginia? Feel free to reach out to us or call 301-252-9213 and discover if one of our puppies would be a good fit for your home.